Xbox One and PS4 Pre-Order Roundup

Xbox One and PS4 Pre-Order Roundup

6/11/13 USA, LLC

If you're a gamer, this holiday Season is going to be a great one. Both the Xbox One ($499) and the PS4 ($399) will be available to take gaming in to the next generation.

Both systems are very similar on specs and will have new titles exclusive to each system. The main difference is that the PS4 will not require an always-on Internet connection. It will also allow for free trading of used games. Something Microsoft is set on making as complicated as possible.

All of the big retailers have released their pre-order details. A roundup follows below.


Preorder the Xbox One First Day Edition for $499 and it should ship on 11/30/13.
Available in limited quantities, it features a commemorative controller and an exclusive achievement. Make the most of Xbox One by adding a Day One Xbox Live Gold membership and play the digital game, Killer Instinct: Round One, with the exclusive Shadow Jago character. Plus, reserve Day One Editions of Ryse: Son of Rome, Forza Motorsport 5, Kinect Sports Rivals and Dead Rising 3 to unlock unique items and experiences.

Preorder the PS4 and it should ship by 12/31/13 (I'm sure it will ship sooner, no details have been released yet)


Xbox One Console - Standard Edition for $499 Looks like Amazon has sold out of pre-orders for thr Day One Edition.

PlayStation 4 Launch Edition for $399 should ship by 12/31/13


Xbox One Console for $499 in stores 11/30/13 No word on details or if this will be the Day One Edition.

No preorder option for PS4

Best Buy

Microsoft - Xbox One: Day One Edition, $499 + Free Shipping

Sony - PlayStation 4 Gaming System $399 + Free Shipping


Xbox One, $559.98 As they usually do, Gamestop is forcing a game bundle on everyone that want's to preorder.

PS4, $459.98 Same deal with the PS4, you must purchase a game. Who am I kidding, just avoid Gamestop and preorder from one of the retailers above. Everyone is going to purchase a game or three but forcing this on you is just stupid!


There are a lot of other retailers out there offering pre-orders for both the PS4 and Xbox One. These are the main ones through. It really looks like Wal-Mart is the best choice here.

Posted by: Dave